The Made by Pure Hands brand was created by Vanessa Afful. Initially set up as a natural beauty range our love of holistic therapies encouraged us to branch out into Aromatherapy and Massage.

Vanesa Afful MCHP

Essential oils and natural products are at the heart of my business; the aim is to improve wellbeing by treating every client as an individual and tailor making each treatment or product to your needs.  I work on a holistic level – mind, body and soul.


There are so many benefits when you opt for a holistic lifestyle, Massage and Aromatherapy can be essential part of supporting those changes.  Many people see these therapies as a special treat or a luxury, but did you know there are many benefits from having a regular massage or using essential oils?  On a very basic level the simple art of touch can have a comforting effect on our emotional wellbeing. Massage works well for both physical and emotional conditions, from relieving muscular pain to reducing stress and anxiety. It is also a great way of reducing toxins in the body and improving the tone and the elasticity of skin.


Aromatherapy can further enhance your experience as all essential oils have a plethora of therapeutic benefits, from assisting with pain relief, to being mood enhancing.  There are many more that are known for regenerating the skin and helping to improve the tell-tale signs of ageing.  But it's not just about enjoying the aging process.  I want to support you on your journey to enjoying your life, and that means choosing self-care practices that make you feel your best.


If you'd like find out more about the benefits of massage and aromatherapy,  visit my new frequently asked questions page or book a treatment or consultation with me.  I am a registered member of the IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapy)