The Made by Pure Hands brand was created by Vanessa Afful MCHP. Initially set up as a natural beauty range our love of holistic therapies encouraged us to branch out into Aromatherapy and Massage.

Essential oils and natural products are at the heart of the business; the aim is to improve wellbeing by treating every client as an individual and tailor making each treatment or product to your needs.  We work on a holistic level – mind, body and soul.


There are so many benefits when you opt for a holistic lifestyle, Massage and Aromatherapy can be essential part of supporting those changes.  Many people see these therapies as a special treat or a luxury, but did you know there are many benefits from having a regular massage or using essential oils?  On a very basic level the simple art of touch can have a comforting effect on our emotional wellbeing. Massage works well for both physical and emotional conditions, from relieving muscular pain to reducing stress and anxiety. It is also a great way of reducing toxins in the body and improving the tone and the elasticity of skin.


Aromatherapy can further enhance your experience as all essential oils have a plethora of therapeutic benefits, from assisting with pain relief, to being mood enhancing.  There are many more that are known for regenerating the skin and helping to improve the tell-tale signs of ageing.


If you'd like find out more about the benefits of massage and aromatherapy, book a treatment with me.  I am a qualified Massage and Aromatherapist and a member of the CHP (Complementary Health Professionals).

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