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Made by Pure Hands loves a wellness event.  Look out for more these in 2024. Here's a list of our up and coming events this season.

Christmas Shopping Event.png

Christmas Shopping at Bellenden Therapies

I love gifts that make me feel better and encourage me to take care of myself.

I know I am not alone.  25% of my Massage Mailing list found my brand, because their loved one bought them a gift voucher.  That doesn't include the many who were bought one of my  wellness gifts, or vouchers.


We all need a helping hand from time to time, and Christmas is the perfect time to show yourself and your loved ones the importance of self-care and how much you love and treasure them.  Especially if they are going through a rough patch at the moment.  


Join me on Saturday 9th December 10am - 2pm and Friday 22nd December 5pm-7pm for a spot of Christmas shopping.  All your favourite Made by Pure Hands products will be available as well as Gift vouchers for Bellenden Therapies, as well as a few treats from me.  


If you know what you want already, visit the Made by Pure Hands shop and choose collect from Bellenden Therapies, and collect on the day.

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