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Here's a list of our up and coming events this season.

Preparing for Birth Talk

Watch the full recording of Preparing for Birth with Roselyn Bunhu from Marvellous Me Massage filmed in April.  Full of practical advice for women who are about to give birth in the coming months. will talk you through things that really work.

We are often given lots of advice of things to try and add to our birthing plans. Roselyn (who is also a trained Midwife)  We'll talk you through things to consider.  We also discuss how you can incorporate Aromatherapy and Massage.

So before you pick up a bottle of clary sage read my blog and watch this this talk full of fun stories and useful advice.

We are also raising money for Five X More. A charity dedicated to improving Black Women's Maternal Healthcare outcomes.  If you can help here is my Paypal Pool link 

Click on the image to start the video

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