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About this Product

Have you ever applied essential oils using an aromatherapy rollerball? The smell is incredible and the health benefits can be huge! They are one of the simplest ways to use essential oils.
Essential oils cannot be used directly on the skin, and carrying a tissue around with your favourite oils is not always a practical option.

The beauty of a rollerball is that you have your blend of essential oils, blended with vegetable oil (usually sunflower or jojoba oil) in a 10ml bottle with a rollerball top. The rollerball can then be applied to pulse points. You can even just breathe it in to get the pleasant aromatic smell.

Rollerballs are usually made to help relax, sleep, to energise or even help you focus on studies or work.
It is one of my favourite Aromatherapy products.

I also now make a cooling version with aloe vera gel and hydrolat waters.

This is my best selling product, which you can also find on my shopping page.

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