Face Oils

Our environment can be hard on our complexions and cause us to suffer from breakouts, skin sensitivity and dehydration; as well as a host of conditions. Even if you have oily or combinational skin, there is an oil blend for you that won't block your pores and will help regulate your sebum levels.

So before you reach for the concealer, consider adding a face oil to your skincare routine. Our blends are made to help balance and hydrate your skin.

To improve your's skin's appearance and circulation, we also recommend using your oil to massage your face at night. Your skin will be looking much better in no time!

Book a consultation, to find the best blend for you.


From £10
Whipped Shea Butter

Whipped to become a light, delicate, nourishing mousse, our Shea butter is great for all skin types as an all-over body moisturiser,or to target areas of dryness. It is also great as a hair mask or moisturiser for Afro and fizzy hair.

Each jar will be custom blended especially for your needs.

You can also find various recipes for this product in our blog section.

60ml, 120ml or 250ml

From £9
Massage & Body Oils

Bring the Made by Pure Hands massage experience home with you by purchasing one of our massage/body oil blends.

If you're a fan of our signature Floral, Lemongrass or Winter blends, these can be made up specifically for you.

Made by Pure Hands Massage/Body oils can be used straight after a bath or shower to lock in moisture, or as a hydrating massage blend to help with aches and pains.

We also make blends to help refresh, relax and soothe the body and mind, as well as support a host of conditions, including those associated with pregnancy and menopause.

Simply book a consultation, and we can discuss the best oils for you.


From £13
Synergy Blends (Essential Oils)

Synergy blends are powerful blends of pure essential oils, that you can use in your diffuser, as a steam, inhalation, compresses or just on a tissue. You can also add them to base products and oils. They are great pick-me-ups, when you are feeling tired, or need to boost your mood or clear your mind. We make a large selection of these, especially insect repellent blends to use at home or on holiday.

*Not to be used directly on the skin.

5ml or 10ml

From £8.50
Hand Washes

Right now, it’s so important to keep our hands clean. But if you’re finding that your usual hand wash is leaving your hands cracked and dry and you've had enough of synthetically smelling products, then why not order one of our moisturising hand washes.

They can be made with a blend of invigorating citrus bursting essential oils, healing herby oils, relaxing restorative floral essential oils, or antiviral and antibacterial oils. There are definitely some firm favourites which our customers love, so we are happy to share these with you.

The best thing about our hand wash blends is that the scents linger on your skin. It takes the simple act of hand washing to a whole new therapeutic level!

250ml or 500ml

From £15
Aromatic Bath Salts

If you love baths, this product is for you!

Our Aromatic Baths Salts will help you create your own personal sanctuary after a hectic day. Switch off and soak your tensions away with a tailor made blend of your choice. Our favourite blend contains Tea tree, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Cypress and Sweet marjoram and is aptly named ‘Muscle Soak’. It’s also perfect during the cold & flu season. However, whether you’re a floral, spice or herb scented enthusiast, we'll help you discover your own signature blend.


From £15

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