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Looking for the perfect Wellbeing Gift?  Made by Pure Hands has put together this page to make buying gifts easier. 

Not only will you be able find products from Made by Pure Hands, but we've put together gifts from lots of our small business friends, many of which are based in South London. Also visit the Shopping Page for more gift ideas.

Made by Pure Hands Rollerball.jpg
The Bespoke Rollerball Gift Collection
Have you ever applied essential oils using an aromatherapy rollerball? The smell is incredible and  the health benefits can be huge.  I’ve designed my rollerball gift collection to include a 25 minute in person or online, consultation where I can guide you or your loved one, through the blends you can choose for your own 9ml rollerball.

I want to share my passion for holistic therapies through my rollerball collection. A purchase today will give you a personal Aromatherapy item to keep in your purse or pocket to help when you need it. Whether you want relaxation, energy or a clear mind. 

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The Bespoke Bath Salts Collection

One of my favourite ways to relax and uplift my spirits is to slip into a hot bath made with my bespoke bath salts.  The warmth and the smell is incredible and I feel like a new woman afterwards. I’d love to offer the same experience to you or someone you’d love to treat. Included in my bespoke bath salts package is a 500g jar of bath salts made on a completely bespoke basis. Once you receive your voucher for this package and book your consultation, I’ll take you through all the ingredients you can choose to create the perfect bath time experience for you. Within just 5 days you’ll receive your salts, and can begin to relax and unwind at bathtime. 

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​The Handcare Collection

Our hands are one of our hardest working body parts. From offering someone a helping hand to giving them comfort our hands are in constant use. We talk with our hands, and use them to show our personalities. With exposure to the harsh elements, our hands can become dry and sore. That is why I created my 120ml jar of luxurious, nourishing whipped shea butter, and my moisturising 250ml hand wash. When you choose to purchase or gift the handcare collection you will receive my full attention for a 25 minute consultation, in person or online, where I can really get to know your requirements before I make your bespoke products. I look forward to helping you keep your hands soft, supple and beautifully moisturised.

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​The Wellness Package

Do you have a friend of family member who has been sick, had a baby or just feels constantly run down? You want to support them, but are stuck for ideas how!  Or is it time for you to kick start your own self-care journey?  If the answer is yes to any of the above, then this is the package you need!  I created it to help boost immunity and mood, and give the recipient time to relax.  Select 3 of the bespoke products listed:  500g of bath salts or a 100ml body oil, 10ml rollerball and 10ml essential oil blend.  We will discuss your selections during a personal  25 minute in-person or online consultation and decide the three you would like made up for you.

Buy a Massage
From £50

Who doesn't love a massage! Right now is the perfect time to buy your loved one a massage.  Its guaranteed to take away the stresses and strains of the world away, just for a little while.  There is nothing like the feeling of floating on air when you leave my couch. 


Currently treatments are 60 minute or 45 minutes long. 


I do a 20 minute consultation online before your so we can get to know your giftee and work out the best treatment plan for them. 

Gift Voucher.jpg
Gift Vouchers
From £25

The Made by Pure Hands Gift vouchers can be purchased as monetary amount (minimum £25) which can also be used on, or towards products and treatments. 


Purchase these vouchers if you just want to buy a  monetary value gift.  There are various amounts available on the shopping page. 


If you can't find the amount you are looking for, drop me an email.

Gifts from our friends

Made by Pure Hands is part of a small business community and we love to promote our fellow businesses.  So we have compiled the Made by Pure Hands Gift Guide to encourage us all to shop local and support small businesses. Here are some gift ideas we love from our small business friends.  

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