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If you are thinking of booking a massage or an aromatherapy appointment with me, then read on. 

In this section, I explain how I work and if I am the right  Therapist for you.

Vanesa Afful MCHP

I’m Vanessa and I’m an Aromatherapist and Massage Therapist. 


I have a passion for making natural products, and it was my own self-care journey that inspired me to want to help others find that sense of inner peace and calm we are all searching for.


I help people who are experiencing physical or emotional pain, stress or anxiety in their lives, who are ready to make a change.


If that’s you, I can help you to identify what’s going on in your body and to plan a bespoke, achievable self-care regime you can integrate into your routine. Together, we can bring peace and joy into your everyday life.


I have spent years studying aromatherapy so that I can share my expertise with my clients. All the oils I work with have therapeutic benefits, so I can advise you on which ones can enhance your well-being.


If you choose to have a massage with me, I will give you a safe, relaxing space where you can feel your tension ebb away. 


When we first meet, I’ll really listen to what you need from me so that I can use my expert knowledge to work out what blends and treatments will suit you best. 


My clients tell me that they leave our sessions together feeling lighter and as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. I hope to be able to do that for you too. 


This is a journey that we will take together to help you get on the right path for you, and I’m looking forward to getting started! 


If you’d like to read more about what inspired me to leave the corporate world behind and set up Made By Pure Hands, there’s more information here.

Why Made By Pure Hands is right for you

Why choose a massage?


For a lot of people who want to improve their own self-care, having a massage is the first thing they think of. It makes sense, because a really good massage can help you to understand your body better and will leave you feeling lighter.


Massage helps to soothe tension and relax your muscles, so it is a great way to really get in tune with what is going on inside you. 


Perhaps you have never had a massage before, maybe you have and didn’t like it, or it could be that you’re very used to having massages; whatever the case, I am here to help you feel at ease. If you have any questions or concerns, please take a look at my FAQs for everything you need to know before booking, or feel free to get in touch

Why choose aromatherapy? 


I am really passionate about the benefits of aromatherapy and I have spent years studying essential oils and what they can do for us.


All of the oils I use have a therapeutic benefit, and finding the ones that work for you can be a grounding and comforting experience that will help to relieve your tension and whatever is bothering you.


Once we have identified the issues you want to focus on, I will go away and work out which oils can help you most. I make my own blends in my kitchen and my clients love the bespoke treatments I create for them. 


I also make a range of aromatherapy products, including my handy best-selling rollerballs, which you can order from me.

Why choose Made By Pure Hands?


Here at Made By Pure Hands, the magic really happens when we combine the benefits of massage and aromatherapy. 


I’ll use the essential oils that suit you best when treating your troublesome shoulder or aching lower back, and you’ll be amazed by just how soothing the experience is. 


Self-care is all about looking after your body and your mind, and we all need a little help with that. Not only that, we all deserve to be treated well and to feel good. Self-care is not just for special occasions or when things go wrong.  We are worthy of making this practice part of our everyday lives.  


I’m really passionate about what I do and your treatment doesn’t end when you get off my couch; this is a journey and I’m here to support you. 


Helping people feel better within and about themselves is what drives me and I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you. 

Registered member of the IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapy) & CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council

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