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I am a trained Aromatherapist and Massage Therapist and offer a fusion of massage techniques which includes holistic,

deep tissue/remedial massage. You'll find me at Bellenden Therapies on a Tuesday and one Saturday a month.


The consultation part of massage treatments are back to being completed on arrival for your appointment. 

New clients and Aromatherapy massage clients must complete the online consultation before their appointment

so I can prepare for their treatment.

Below are my prices as of the 1st September 2023.  For more information, please visit me FAQs page


To purchase Gift vouchers head to the Made by Pure Hands shop.

First Massage Treatments
​​£65 65 mins including consultation          The Deluxe version £80
£90 90mins including consultation          The Deluxe version £105
£120 110 mins including consultation      The Deluxe version £135

If this is your first massage with me, you will need to have a full consultation.  This is so we I get to know you and put together the best treatment plan for you.  Currently this a 15 -20 minute consultation on the day of your booking.

You can find out more on the About me page.


Please note Aromatherapy Massages are only available for the £90 or £120 appointments.

The Deluxe versions come with a Made by Pure Hands Rollerball and a mini 120g of bath salts.  

All options are also available to purchase by Gift voucher or e-Gift Card.

Aromatherapy Massage in Peckham
​Traditional Aromatherapy Massage
​75 mins - £80, or 90 mins £110

My Aromatherapy massage treatment involves a custom blended selection of essential oils and vegetable oils.  We'll discuss, your favourite smells as well as the therapeutic benefits of each oil.  You'll leave with the remainder of your blend, ton use at home.

Massage in Peckham
​Aroma Deep Tissue
​75 mins -  £80

This treatment combines both my modalities and is great for anyone who needs help managing pain.


By opting for a custom blend of oils whilst using deep tissue/remedial techniques, you get the best of both modalities to help deal with with severe tension, reduced mobility, stiffness or inflammation.   

Deep Tissue Massage
The Fusion Massage
60 mins -  £68, or 90mis £100

Using a fusion of massage styles, I can focus on a specific area, or give a general full body massage. 


It can be a relaxing massage or more remedial, you get to choose.  All the products used are made by me.  That's one of the the benefits of coming to a trained Aromatherapist.

Massage Therapy
​The 45 mins Massage
​45 mins - £55 

Short on time or just need just want to concentrate on Back, Neck & Shoulders? We'll use a mix of Massage techniques to help ease the pain and tension.


You can also book this session if you suffer from RSI conditions.

Made by Pure Hands Bespoke Products
Aromatherapy Consultation
40 mins - £30 redeemable on your order

​​If you'd like to find out about essential oils, you can use to support your wellbeing, or would like to have a Made by Pure Hands product/bespoke products made up for you, then you will need to book an Aromatherapy consultation.  This will enable us to take into consideration all your needs when recommending, or making a product/blends for you.


Visit the Made by Pure Hands products page. Consultations can be done online or in person.


​Chair Massage

Onsite chair massage is a great alternative to a traditional massage as it can be done over clothes and it saves time, however you still get many of the same benefits.

I offer onsite chair massage to companies and corporate events. To find out more, get in touch.

If you are currently a chair massage client, click here.

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