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Aromatic Waters


50ml, 100ml and 200ml


From £18

About this Product

Aromatic waters, hydrolats, hydrols, these waters go by so many names. But what are they? Well the simplest way to describe them is the water that comes from the essential oils process. Here’s a quick explanation. As you know, most essential oils are extracted from parts of their plant, whether that is flowers, twigs, leaves, seeds or the fruit. Now this extraction process often happens through steam distillation. The process of steam distillation produces both a water content and the essential oil. That water content is the hydrolat (or aromatic water). In most cases the water is the by-product, but there are any companies that are only interested in the water as they contain the same therapeutic benefits as the essential oils, but in a milder form that can be used directly on the skin. As we know essential oils cannot be applied directly to skin.

These waters make great toners, cooling spritzes during the summer months, or if you suffer from hot flushes. I love to use them on insect bites, too and I absolutely love using them with my clients that suffer from hay-fever. Now you must never use them as an eye wash, but soak them in cotton pads or muslin cloths and apply over eyelids. My clients love this.

There are so many waters to choose from, and after studying more about these waters, I have so many more under my belt. Get in touch to find out more.

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