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For the dreaded aches and pains bring out the Bath Salts!!!

It may come as no surprise to you but even we Massage Therapists suffer from the odd bouts of sore tight muscles, and today it’s my turn to get a massage, because my lower back and glutes are killing me. So after spending the day whimpering like a wounded animal as my #hurricane toddler pulls me around, I called my colleague Jane at Bellenden Therapies for a back massage, and her magic hands have released all of those tight muscles, knots and adhesions. Now it’s time to follow my own aftercare advice that I always reiterate to my clients who leave my couch feeling a bit sore.

I have many recipes for tight muscles but these bath salts are one of my favs and are very simple to make. Even if all you want to do after your massage is curl up into a little ball and dive underneath the duvet. Take ¼ cup (The American cup measurers) Epsom salts and ¼ cup of Sea Salt and mix together in bowl. Then add 4 drops of Sweet Marjoram and 4 drops of Lavender Essential oils to the salts and mix, making sure that all of the essentials oils are distributed thoroughly into the salts.

Run a hot bath and once you have your desired temperature, empty the contents of the bowl into the bath and swish thoroughly allowing the salts to dissolve in the water. All that’s left is for you to get in and let the mixture do the work.

Bath salts are renowned for their therapeutic benefits. Apart from being the perfect base for combining with essential oils, they have a healing effect and are great for removing waste products from body particularly muscles and joints. Epsom salts are highly recommended for muscular, rheumatic and arthritic pain because of its wonderful properties and this is all before you take into consideration the numerous therapeutic actions of the Essential oils. Sweet Marjoram and Lavender both have pain relieving benefits, are known for their warming actions (which are essential for helping unstick muscle fibres and bring fresh blood to the surface). They are also wonderful hypotensive/sedative oils making them great for promoting relaxation both mind and body and when you suffering from aches and pains that’s exactly what you need.

Now after your pain relieving and relaxing soak all that’s left to do is head to bed with your heat pillow/ hot water bottle; things will definitely feel better in the morning. Just don’t forget to make a vow to keep up with the stretching/yoga and book another treatment in a couple of weeks. Prevention is definitely the way to go!

Too complicated? Order a Made by pure hands custom-blended bath salts. Our Muscle Ease blend is great for stiff joints as well easing cold/flu symptoms.

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