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Make your own Face oil

I'm out of face oil 😣. So it's a great time to share one of my recipes with you. With all the stormy windy weather and central heating our skin can be quite dehydrated, even if you tend to have oily or combinational skin. Plus with the light starting to change blemishes, redness and dry patches can be more apparent. So before you reach for the concealer lets add some moisture to our complexions and boost circulation with a little face massage. Your skin will be looking much better in no time!

You will need:

1 x 30 ml brown pipette bottle

I x 50 or 100ml beaker

1 x 10ml beaker (optional)

A stirring rod or wooden spatula

Your choice of vegetable and essential oils


How to make: Mix 25 - 27ml of either Apricot, Almond or Hazelnut oil to 3-5ml one or 2 of the following oils Jojoba, Avocado, Calendula or Rosehip oil. Decant into your brown bottle and label.

Apricot oil - A very good all rounder face oil.

Almond oil - Better for skin that is slightly dry, but can be used for normal complexions.

Hazelnut oil - Good for oily skin as slightly astringent.

Jojoba oil - Is actually a wax. It balances sebum production so good for both oily and dry skin.

Avocado oil - Very nourishing and hydrating so great for dry skin.

Calendula oil - good for inflammation and dehydrated skin.

Rosehip oil - Good for healing and those with mature skin. Then add up to 6 drops of 1 or 2 of the following oils: Frankincense - Good for dry, mature skin, reducing scars and blemishes Geranium - Good for all skin types including those with acne and eczema Lavender - Good for all skin types, a very healing oil. Juniper - Good for oily skin and acne suffers Palma Rosa - Stimulates skin regeneration, regulates oil production Rose - Good for dry, mature skin, sensitive skin reducing scars and broken capillaries Roman Chamomile - Good for inflamed skin, such eczema, psoriasis or rashes Myrrh - Good for chapped, cracked skin, wounds, wrinkles and cuts Lemon - Good for Acne and oily skin.

Enjoy 😊

*Always do a patch test in the corner of your elbow or behind your ear before using any new product. If the product causes any irritation, discontinue using.

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