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Itchy Eye Soother - Quick Version

inspired by my Aromatherapy Teacher, Trevor England and the Aromatherapist Julia Lawless. As that recipe takes 4 weeks to make and we are well into hay-fever season; this is a quick version without essential oils that you can use now. The two main ingredients are Rosewater and Chamomile water (sometimes called Hydrolats or Floral Waters). These are a bi-product when making the actual Essential oils. Many of the essential oils we use are produced through steam distillation.

The water collected from this process is extremely gentle; but the therapeutic benefits are similar to those of the actual oil that has been distilled. For this reason Floral Waters are often used as toners, sprays and compresses. Chamomile has great soothing and anti-inflammatory properties; mainly due to the substance that makes it blue, Azulene. The combination of these two magical ingredients, with the cooling effect of Aloe Vera makes it a wonderful soothing and healing compress.

A 150ml Brown Bottle

60ml Rose Water/Hydrolat

60ml Chamomile Water/Hydrolat

30ml Aloe Vera Water

Combine all 3 ingredients into your brown bottle. Shake, label and leave in your fridge. To use, soak 2 cotton wool pads with the solution and place over the eyes.

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