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Top Tips for Soft Feet

One of the most neglected parts of our bodies is our feet. They hold us up, carry us around and help us get from A to B.

So why do we hardly dedicate any time to them? We only seem interested in our feet when they need to be on show (which is usually over the summer months) or when they cry out in pain.

This year due to my online self-massage classes, my feet have had to be on show, and that meant showing my feet some love. It was going to take more than a lick of OPI nail polish to get them video ready. So, with all Beauty Salons closed due to Lockdown 3, I had to take matters into my hands.

As we age our built-in insoles which contain collagen and elastin to cushion our feet decreases. This means not only are we likely to suffer from more foot pain, (due to less padding) but our feet are more prone to dryness and cracking.

So how can we give our feet a helping hand? I decided to seek some professional help from my lovely Beauty Therapist Yeliz Owner of Therapy in East Dulwich.

Soak your feet

As an Aromatherapist soaking your feet in an aromatic foot bath is absolutely bliss. When I first opened my clinic I used to offer a beautiful treatment which meant adding some of my favourite essential oils to a foot bath.

However these days I am often short on time, so I like to add my Tisserand Real Calm Bath oil to my foot bath with a handful of sea salt. It’s both relaxing and moisturising without being greasy. Right now my feet need all the moisture they can get.

Remove Hard Skin

After your foot soak, it’s time to remove the hard skin with a foot file. Yeliz recommends you work lightly using gentle movements. It’s a pity I didn’t know this a few years back when I was very gung ho with a foot file. My poor heels were left severely cracked and super sore.

Yeliz’s favourite foot file is the OPI foot file with reusable and disposable pads, each with a different gradient.

Exfoliation – Foot scrub

I am a fan of scrubs, but not the scratchy type or those which contain grains that cause harm to the environment. My favourite ones can be made at home with an ingredient from your kitchen. Yes sugar. I like to mix 1 cup part demerara sugar with ½ cup oil. I use Sweet Almond oil. Don’t pour all the oil in at once. I would recommend that you drizzle in the oil (in case it’s too much). This can then be stored in a jar for use later. It makes a great body scrub also, just don’t use this scrub on your face it’s a bit too course.

As I am Aromatherapist I also like to add essential oils too. I do like floral scrubs so I usually go for Geranium, Patchouli or a little Neroli. Sometimes I like to add Frankincense or Benzoin. If my skin needs a bit of a detox, I head to the citrus oils with a bit of Rosemary, Eucalyptus or Juniper.

Moisture & Massage

Now that your feet are super soft it’s time to keep them that way. I gently massage oil to my cuticles and nail bed, which really does improve circulation and encourage fresh oxygenated blood to the toes. Our feet tend to have circulatory problems as both our circulatory systems work upwards so in essence it has to defy gravity. Massage is great for improving this as it helps our move stagnant blood and lymph fluids.

I like to massage my feet with a thick layer of my deeply nourishing Whipped Shea Butter. There is something very soothing and deeply relaxing about having a good foot massage. If you’ve ever had Reflexology, you’ll know that areas of our feet our linked to different parts of our organs and body systems, so taking time to look after your feet, really does leave you feeling good.

However before you head for the Whipped Shea Butter, try some OPI Pro Spa Advance Foot Socks that Yeliz introduced me to. They are amazing at imparting moisture into dehydrated feet.

You can leave these on for a couple hours but Yeliz recommends using them as an overnight treatment which will give you better results. Whether you decide to wear overnight or for a couple of hours put a pair of socks over the OPI ones as they are very wet. By the time you remove them, you’re guaranteed to super soft feet. Just keep up with the foot care particularly the moisturising to ensure they stay that way.

I don’t think my feet have ever looked this good so early in the year, neither can I remember them being so super soft (other than in my twenties). Not only did I don them on zoom self-massage class, I even featured them on an Instagram post!

To purchase any of the OPI products mentioned in this post, visit the Therapy’s website.


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