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Whipped Shea Butter for your hands

This week at Made by Pure Hands HQ, were concentrating on hands. (How poetic!)

These last few weeks of excessive washing and hand sanitisers have left the backs of my hands dry, sore and a little cracked.

Two weeks of being at home on lockdown hasn’t helped them either. My poor hands seem to be working even harder.

So last week after embracing my maker mode, I’ve come up with a whipped shea butter recipe just for your hands. It’s based on my hand oil recipe I posted a few years ago, when my hands were going through a rough time (literally) from having a small child and the continuous washing that comes with it.

I hope it gives you some relief both physically and mentally from our current situation. There are a little more essential oils in this recipe, so it should help you feel calmer, whilst leaving you with super soft hands.

What you need:

Pestle or Fork

Glass bowl

Hand Whisk


Measuring jug/cup

A 250ml jar or a 120ml jar if you make half the recipe


50g Shea Butter

40ml Almond oil

10ml Calendula oil (or 5ml Calendula and 5ml Avocado oil)

20 drps Lavender oil

12 drps Benzoin

8 drps of Roman or German Chamomile

If you’re not keen on Lavender, swap it with Geranium.


Mash your shea butter with a pestle or fork until it is the constancy of softened butter (very important if your shea butter is really hard, this will stop the small grainy lumps).

Once mashed, begin to whisk until it starts to resemble whipped butter.

Take your blend of oils (Mix your blend up in the jug first) and begin to drizzle into the bowl of shea butter continually whisking. When the mixture resembles cream, scrape down the sides of bowl and give a final whisk. Decant into jar.

You can now purchase our Whipped Shea Butter. Visit my bespoke product pages or the Made by pure Hands shop.

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