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Whipped Shea Butter Recipe

Freshly made whipped shea butter

Recently, I re-shared my winter survival blog and one of my lovely clients, Sieske Valk contacted me for the recipe for whipped shea butter. So I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you. Whipped shea butter is great for this time of year, as it’s spring so it’s the perfect time to start to look after your skin. However, with everything that’s going on right now, many of you will have sore hands. Therefore, I would recommend using it as a night-time hand cream. I’ll share a variation of this recipe in a week’s time, just for your hands.

This recipe is inspired by a wonderful book I bought many years ago by Star Khechara called The Holistic Beauty Bible. She has so many lovely recipes in her book and one of them was for whipped shea butter which I instantly fell in love with. Over the years I’ve made different variations of whipped Shea Butter. I found if I want to make a lighter consistency, I use more Almond oil. For a heavier constancy, I use less oil and try other oils like castor which is great for feet, elbows or 4c Afro Hair. I personally like to make a heavier whipped butter to add to my hair conditioner and sit under the steamer.


What you need.

Pestle or Fork

Glass bowl

Hand Whisk


Measuring jug/cup

A 250ml jar, and a 120ml jar too


100g Shea Butter

50ml – 100ml Almond oil (You can also try Castor oil or do a blend of Almond & Castor)

20- 40 drps of Essential oil (Optional)

Some of my favourite blends

Lavender, Tea Tree & Roman Chamomile

Geranium, Lavender & Clary Sage

Frankincense & Lavender

Benzoin, Lavender Thyme (Great for feet)

Rosemary & Chamomile (For hair)


Mash your shea butter with a pestle or fork until it is the constancy of softened butter (very important if your shea butter is really hard, this will stop the small grainy lumps).

Once mashed, begin to whisk until it starts to resemble whipped butter.

Take your blend of oils (Mix your blend up in the jug first) and begin to drizzle into the bowl of shea butter continually whisking. When the mixture resembles cream, scrape down the sides of bowl and give a final whisk. Decant into jars.

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