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Welcome to the Made by Pure Hands wind down zone. A new offering to help you take a few moments out of your day for a restorative practice.


It’s so important to have practices like these in our lives to give us a break from all the stresses and strains we feel.  That’s why I asked my fellow wellbeing experts and Therapists to come together and create a range of meditations and visualizations that I know you’ll love and use time and time again.  These types of practices have served me well and prevented me from repeated bouts of burnout.  Use this audio whenever you need a break. You can even use it before bed to help you nod off.


In this meditation I’ve asked my friend, Michelle Hart of Hart Hypnotherapy to create this beautiful sequence to help you pause.  This meditaton is particularly useful if you are having a mid afternoon slump, or just need a few minutes to revitalise, so you can go on with your day.

A Mindful Pause Meditation

  • MP3 Format

    Length of audio 12.33 mins

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