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By Julia Oyeleye


Achieving good mental health and wellbeing in today’s world is challenging and requires a toolkit of support options. Aromatherapy and, more importantly, blends of different essential oils utilises a direct pathway to our moods and emotions – our sense of smell.The problem most people face is knowing the best essential oils to choose from and how to combine them. Professional aromatherapists develop essential oil recipes based on their knowledge of several factors. Their methods are difficult for the layperson to replicate; however, there is another way for mental wellbeing.In this book, Julia has combined her many years of clinical practice and experience as a teacher with advice from other published aromatherapists and research scientists. It contains a practical 7 step guide to creating essential oil blends, 30 essential oil profiles and a place for you to record your recipes so you can confidently use aromatherapy to support your and your family’s mental wellbeing.

Aromatherapy For Mental Wellbeing

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