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This is the follow up collection to Made by Pure Hands Aromatherapy to Soothe collection.

Whereas the first collection was designed to relax and soothe, this collection is for anyone who has a busy schedule and wants to use aromatherapy to support their wellbeing and ensure they work in a more holistic way especially when you have a lot on your plate.


The beauty of a rollerball is that it makes aromatherapy accessible by bringing the therapeutic benefits essential oils to you in a quick and easy way, ready to for use.

Simply apply the rollerball to your pulse points (temples, neck, collarbone and wrists)

My rollerballs are a mix of jojoba oil and essential oils to ensure a longer lifespan without going rancid quickly.


Keep your rollerball at your desk, handbag or night stand and reach for it, every time you need to focus, need an afternoon 'pick me up', or take some time out.


Choose from:

Get Focused

Think Clearly (comes in a cooling metal roller)

Be Fearless

Sweet Dreams ( also found in the Aromatherapy to Soothe collection)

Aromatherapy for Success Rollerballs

  • All Products are selected to provide you with the utmost satisfaction.  However, in the unlikely event any of your products arrive damaged or not within the designated arrival time, do get in touch, by emailing me at for either a refund or replacement.

    If you are unhappy with any of your branded purchases and change your mind, returns are accepted on all unopened and unused items within a 14 days period, from your delivery date.

    With regards to any bespoke products purchased from Made by Pure Hands, the consultation process should ensure that you are happy with your product.  Should there be any issue with using your purchase, do get in contact.

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