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Ever since I launched my bespoke product range in 2020, I’ve had calls to make my essential oil blends more accessible, so finally I have my first range of essential oil blends that you can purchase direct from my website, without the need of having a consultation. This range has been blended specifically for your diffusers and oil burners.  To order testers, click here.


Mulled Wine Blend

There is nothing like the smell of home- made mulled wine coming from the kitchen in the run up to Christmas. I am a big fan of home-made mulled wine (for medicinal purposes of course lol). But if you don’t want to guzzle as much mulled wine as I do, then try this great alternative. The zesty oils mixed with the spices and a touch of citrusy wood will bring that mulled wine fragrance all through your home, without the mess and tidy up. Mine take is a blend of Sweet Orange, Lemon, Cinnamon, Clove and May Chang.


Christmas Blend 

This blend is a take on my very popular warming winter massage oil, I use at Christmas in my clinic. It’s now a staple in my essential oil blends.  You can even order it as a hand-wash. This blend of Sweet Orange, Cinnamon, Ravensara and Clove, will bring out your Christmas spirit in no time.


Immuno Support Blend

In 2022  I had Covid (twice) and it was awful!

This is the blend I came up with to support me through my recovery. Now I reach for it every time my health feels compromised.  It's also becoming a firm favourite at the Made by Pure Hands therapy rooms. Not only can you add it to your diffuser, but you can use in a steam inhalation too!


Winter Blend

I love the smell of pine at winter. These days getting the smell from your Christmas tree just doesn't translate. So to make my home smell a bit more Christmassy, I came up with blend, which is totally addictive. Well it is for me.


The Power of 3 - Coming Soon

This blend came to me straight my talk on essential oils for winter I gave in January 2023.  I often use Lemon or Thyme to clean surfaces, door handles.  Anywhere small people like to sneeze and cough on. So I came up with this blend that is not only good for all of the above, but works in the diffuser. I knew it was meant to be when I came up with a name really quickly. I obviously watched far too much Charmed when I was training to be an Aromatherapist!

Essential Oil Blends

  • Your choice of a Made by Pure Hands essential oils:

    Mulled Wine - Sweet Orange, Lemon, Cinnamon, Clove & May Change.

    Christmas - Sweet Orange, Cinnamon, Ravensara & Clove

    Immune Boosting - Lime, Eucalyptus Staigeriana, Niaouli, Juniperberry & Cinnamon

    Winter - With Sweet Orange, Lemon, Myrtle & Pine

    Add 5-10 drops in water for use in an oil burner or diffuser.

    Do not apply undiluted to skin. Avoid contact with the eye area. Do not ingest. Keep away from children.

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