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How I wish the aroma of these handmade eye pillows, filled with handpicked Carshalton Lavender, could be transported through this product page. You would find them simply irresistible!

Each pillow is filled with one cup of rice and half a cup of dried lavender. Lovingly put together by myself and my mum, the ‘Creative Queen’ from whom my sister and I inherited our talents, these pillows carry just enough weight to soothe your eyes or forehead after a long day. For a cooling effect, they can be refrigerated.

The cover is removable and should be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth or a cool hand wash. Please avoid washing the internal bag.

To reactivate the soothing scent, simply squeeze the bag. If the aroma begins to fade, add one or two drops of Carshalton Lavender essential oil to the internal bag.

Since the lavender is handpicked, it may contain other parts of the lavender plant.

Lavender Eye Pillows


Relax Offer

  • Apply to eyes or forehead.
    Can be refrigerated for a cooling effect.  
    Place into a plastic bag before leaving in the fridge. 
    To refresh, squeeze bag.  A few drops of Lavender can be added to the internal bag.

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