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We know the benefits massage/a holistic treatment has to offer, but its always great to find out what clients think about the service and products we offer:

Woman receiving a hand massage at the he

I recently had my first aromatherapy facial made for my skin type by Vanessa and my skin felt like baby skin and very clean, Vanessa also gave me a neck, shoulder, arms and hands massage with the oil mixture she made for me . I enjoyed the whole process and happy to recommend it to anyone.

Afi Rika

I just wanted to let you know how I felt after your massage. 

I don't use the words 'serene' and 'at peace' that often but think that these are exact words I would use on this occasion.  I slept 9.30 hours and felt rested in the morning. No pain today whatsoever. Thank you so much! 


I went to Vanessa after suffering from sciatic pains for months in my lower back and glutes. I had tried another therapist at a popular holistic cosmetics chain the week before but she didn't get to the root of my pain. The moment I sat down with Vanessa, I knew there was something different about her therapies. She was very thorough in her pre-massage questions and the massage itself. I did not feel like she was on the clock - she seemed very much focused on fixing the problem area no matter how long it took, without loosing the relaxing touch. After just one massage, my pain was gone.


If only I had visited her months before! Her follow up email came as promised and I can't wait for another massage... Thank you Vanessa, for making me a happy dog walker again!


Vanessa has magic hands!

I had severe pain in my back, and after the therapy, the pain was less intensive and eventually stopped, and allowed me finally to get some sleep. Vanessa was very kind and thoughtful, and paid attention that I feel comfortable.


Vanessa is amazing. Her massages are both physically and mentally supportive and restorative. She is kind and friendly and very professional and seems to know exactly what you need before you know yourself. I always leave feeling relaxed and with new found energy and enthusiasm. Would absolutely recommend! 


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