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Hello I am Vanessa and I am the Owner of Made by Pure Hands.  My mission is to show you the benefits of Massage and Aromatherapy, and to support your wellness journey.  My hope is that with my help you can build your own self-care tool kit that will assist  you throughout your life, whether you are going through a stressful time or just want to live a healthy lifestyle.


On these pages you'll find a range of treatments, which are based around a fusion of massage styles. Classes and Workshops that will teach you a range of self-massage techniques, and a great range of Aromatherapy products to use at home or buy for family and friends.  There are also plenty of self-care tips and recipes in my blog section. I really do hope you find them useful.


For more information visit the About Us Page or contact me at or call on 0203287 0659




10% of Selected Products for #Sleeptember

Having trouble sleeping?  There are lots of articles on the site to support you, plus there is 10% off selected Tisserand Products to help you sleep. Visit the shop and pick  yourself up a sleep and relaxation aid. 


Back to School 

September means back to school, college, Uni for many but if you the thought of September fills you with dread, then read my latest blog, for lots of helpful tips for Parents, Kids and Teachers, or if you are struggling to get back into work mode.

Need further support on your wellbeing journey?

Visit my gifting page. There are lots of wellbeing gifts from my small business friends and plenty of books to buy in my favourite reads section



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