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How to look after your diffuser

This time of year, my diffusers work hard.

To keep them working at their best, I give them a deep clean from time to time. Now I not going to pretend that I clean my diffusers as often as I should (particularly my diffuser at home), but I do give them a rinse before using.

These instructions I am sharing, I found on Instagram on an account called @oilswithjamie. These have been the best cleaning tips I have used for keeping my diffusers in tip top condition.

The deep clean instructions always improves the mist from the diffuser. You will find that if you don't clean your diffuser from time to time, it becomes clogged with essential oils.

Please note - These cleaning instructions are specifically for ultrasonic diffusers.

How to Regularly Clean an Ultasonic Diffuser:⠀

  1. Drain water reservoir completely⠀

  2. Rinse water reservoir with clean water⠀

  3. Wipe water reservoir with dry cloth⠀

  4. Air dry before next use⠀

How to Deep Clean an Ultrasonic Diffuser:

  1. Turn diffuser off⠀

  2. Fill water reservoir halfway with clean water⠀

  3. Add 10 drops white vinegar to water reservoir⠀

  4. Turn diffuser on, let run for 3-5 minutes⠀

  5. Drain water reservoir completely⠀

  6. Dip cotton swab in white vinegar; wipe down water reservoir and ultrasonic mist disc ( if it has one)

  7. Rinse water reservoir with clean water⠀

  8. Wipe water reservoir with dry cloth⠀

  9. Air dry before next use

Give it a try and let me know how you get on.⠀

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