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Read this before you buy Clary sage

5 things pregnant women can do before using Clary Sage.

Not long ago, I was speaking to a friend who had been recommended Clary Sage during her first pregnancy by her midwife. After a quick look into its benefit, she had gone out and purchased a bottle but couldn’t bring herself to use it. Her experience is not uncommon. Across the country bottles of Clary Sage sit on shelves, mostly ignored and left gathering dust for one main reason, to many, it smells awful!

Clary sage has many wonderful therapeutic properties. A 2017 study published in the journal BMC Research Notes found that inhaled clary sage oil increased the oxytocin levels in pregnant woman. The paper also suggested that inhaled clary sage oil can be an effective way of promoting relaxation, easing discomfort and decreasing stress. A further look into the benefits of Clary Sage in a 2018 study shows that when used with massage, it provides a positive psychological and physiological effect in postpartum mothers. And yet like my friend many soon to be mums can’t get over the smell and are missing out.

However, before you run off to buy a bottle, here are 5 things to do before you use Clary Sage -

1. Exercise caution Like all essential oils, Clary sage is incredibly potent and volatile and should be blended with vegetable oils such as Sweet Almond, Sunflower oil or Grapeseed oil when used topically. Otherwise, it can be diffused with more pleasant smelling oils such as Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender or Rose in your blend.

2 . Do not use before 40 weeks of your pregnancy

Clary Sage may have adverse effects when used before 40 weeks. I will advise pregnant women to only use it in their blends, if they are at the end of their pregnancy and once they are ready to give birth.

3. Decide what type of birth you are going to have

This is specially important as the type of birth you want will most likely determine how Clary Sage can be administered. A home birth will give you greater flexibility in comparison to a hospital birth. You will be able to use essential oils in a diffuser or as a massage oil, even in a warm or cold compress.

4. Identify essential oils you like the smell off

For my clients, I find creating bespoke blends taking into account their needs and preferences is the best approach to using Aromatherapy. And for those who are completely against using Clary Sage, there are other great essential oils I commonly recommend. I often work with women in their second and third trimester and I have had many positive reviews from the treatment they’ve received.

5. Last but not least consult a qualified Aromatherapist

Aromatherapy can really support women throughout their pregnancy journey. To get the best use and the right blend for you, I will always advise speaking to a qualified Aromatherapist. Together, you can work out which oils will be the best for you and the most effective quantities and balance. Plus it’s nice to have an Aromatherapy product that you can use in the early days after giving birth. This is a very important time for new Mums who would definitely benefit in what we now call the 4th trimester.

If you would like to discover more best practices and the best oils to use during pregnancy, watch my video, Preparing for Birth with experienced midwife, Roselyn Bunhu from Marvellous Me Massage.


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