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Why I created my Wellness Gift Collection

The pandemic gave me the perfect opportunity to stop and look at the bigger picture, both personally and professionally. My products have always been at the heart of my business and so this was the ideal time to bring them to a wider audience.

As we have moved through the various stages of lockdown and recovery, it has become clearer to me that I want my range to help as many people as possible and to really champion their self-care journeys.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have all been through so much emotional turmoil, both individually and collectively; illness, overwork, the loss of loved ones, financial worries - the list goes on. We are so busy trying to navigate these challenges, that we have forgotten how to take care of ourselves. We put our own needs last all the time, and that leads to burnout.

You’re probably nodding along as you read this, because we all know it’s an unhealthy thing to do. It takes a toll on our mental health, and it leaves us physically depleted at a time when we really need to improve our immune systems.

So just how do we cope with many of the natural cycles of life when we’re already struggling with pandemic fatigue?

For a lot of my clients, coming for a massage is the first step when they want to make changes to their self-care routine. During that time together, many of them ask me for tips on how best to move forward and how they can improve their lives from day to day. A lot of the time they know what they need to do but they just require that little extra bit of support, so I decided to put together a collection of fantastic products to help those who want to start or re-establish a forgotten self-care routine.

My Wellness Collection is for anyone who is struggling to cope with life's challenges. It could be for a new mum who just needs a bit of pampering when she’s feeling exhausted and fragile, or a friend who is constantly run down or perhaps recovering from illness or an operation. It might even be for someone who is going through a period of change or grief. I designed this package to lift the recipient’s mood, boost their immunity and help them relax. It's also great if you want to kick-start your own self-care journey: after all, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a gift!

I remember when I was at my lowest; with a new baby, going through the breakdown of my marriage, it was the kindness of those dearest to me that gave me a distraction and break from the trauma I was experiencing.

Occasionally I would reach for my essential oils, but when I felt like I had no energy left, it was my rollerballs, aromatic bath salts and massage oils that were easiest to use.

I remember when I finally went to my first counselling session, I was so nervous that I took a rollerball with me. My counsellor commented on the smell and saw how it helped me to open up and work through my pain. From then on, I took an aromatherapy product along to every session and it made all the difference.

When the people we care about are going through periods of trauma, it can be so difficult to know how to help. Often, we feel like we don’t have the right words to make things better – but I have come to realise that just letting someone know you care, and that you’re there for them, can often be the very tonic they need.

I know that was the case for me, and even now – eight years later – I am still so

profoundly grateful to the people who took the time to offer me love and support as best they could when I really needed it.

I hope my Wellness Collection will do the same for someone you care about. The concept really has been created with genuine love. Each recipient gets to create their own bespoke set of Aromatherapy products that I hope will support them in their recovery, because everyone needs a bit of help sometimes – and that’s more than OK. 💕

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